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     S.C. MILLENIUM TRANS IMPEX S.R.L. was founded on the basis of the constitutive document no.  2335/18.10.2000 and is registered at the National Trade Register Office with no. J40/10322/2000 dated on 13.11.2000, having fiscal code no. RO 13516616, and pays VAT since 01.12.2000. It was formed for an unlimited period with social center in BUCHAREST, sector 5 Crasna Street, no.50. The activity is performed in BUCHARST, sector 6, Chitila-Triaj Street no.4. Postulated in the constitutive document, the authorized capital is 200 lei, split 50%-50% between associate Vasile Cornel and associate Cobrescu Ilie. The authorized capital is composed from 20 equal parts, 10 lei each.
     For S.C. MILLENIUM TRANS IMPEX S.R.L. the main activity is persons transport, having CAEN code 6021 – Other “on schedule” land person transport.
     Next to main activity, our company has the following secondary activities:
    - occasional land person transport – class 6023
    - taxi transport – class 6022
    - others activities, annexed to land transport – class 6321
    - travel agency and tour-operators activities; touring assistance activities – class 6330
    - others

    Company leadership is ensured through Stockholder General Convention. The administrative task is assigned to an Administrator named in the constitutive document, for 4 years. Since the beginning, our company activity was based only on public persons transport field. In 2004 major authorized capital raise took place leading to new automobiles purchases for taxi transport.
    In 2006 the capital raises again, in present time, S.C. MILLENIUM TRANS IMPEX S.R.L. has an authorized capital of 1.490.960 lei (almost 466.000 euro, bank exchange rate from July 2007), totally infused, each co-partner holding 149.096 units.
    An important aspect of our main activity is that it follows the E.U regulations. The compliance to these regulations is carefully supervised both in traffic and at our center by Transport Ministry through specialized inspectors from Romanian Traffic Authority, Romanian Auto Registry and Highway and National Roads National Company. This compliance required important amount of money from our company used for organization, working, political decisions, etc.

    In 2001, the Stockholder General Convention decides the purchase of new transport vehicles, with European standard levels regarding road safety, pollution level, clients comfort. The company also rented vehicles for transport capacity improvement.
    Also, in 2001, our company attended to Romanian Traffic Authority auction, earning public persons transport licenses, on many routes. Important economical modifications occurred since 2002. View the following table.

Year    Owned and rented vehicles Turnover     Profit (lost) Net Actives value
2001 10 157344    (1982) 87669
2002 25 650606    46877        631251
2003 42 1802890    (18254) 2375905
2004 63 4652202    (26073) 4397764
2005 120 8267365    26718        7973283
2006 170 8468515    121655    8164461








   This information proves:

  • our company profitableness
  • maintaining the market position through an efficient management
  • judicious utilization of transport vehicles
  • financial resources invested for:

               - modern technical base, adapted to transport market
              - young work-team, specialized in transports, open to modern (new)


Even if the company started the business with two owned vehicles managed to develop it with rented ones. Reinvesting the profit and using the improved capital, the cars park reached a number of 43 own vehicles, maintaining in exploitation an important number of rented cars.
Today our company uses 190 vehicles:

  • 80 MERCEDES SPRINTER, VW, IVECO vans from 2004-2008, with AC, 16+1 or 19+1 seats
  • 50 ISUZU TURQUOISE minibuses from 2005-2008, with 26+1 seats
  • 10 MERCEDES TOURISMO buses from 2007
  • 20 FORD MONDEO cars from 2005
  • 30 PEUGEOT  PARTNER cars from 2004-2006

All vehicles have AC and are equipped with EURO III and EURO IV
The cars used for taxi transportation are PEUGEOT PARTNER XR 1.9D with 5 seats, 650l boot, AC, frontal and lateral airbag, radio with CD, heated seats, front and back seats bell, Send-receive radio-transmission station, GPS for locating the vehicles and monitoring the routes.
Company leadership objectives for 2008 are:

  • growing the transport capacity through new buses acquisitions for public transport and taxies acquisitions
  • growing the number of clients through ticket reservation methods and commutation ticket diversification
  • growing the employees number
  • optimizing resources usage
  • diversifying the services
  • on-line ticket paying

In 2008 S.C. MILLENIUM TRANS IMPEX S.R.L. offers for clients the following services:

Public transport through regular national routes:
-    these services are provided based on execution licenses for routes gained as a result of Romanian Traffic Authority auction
-    long-distance public transport with vans, minibuses, buses, whole week
-    the possibility to book tickets by phone or on-line

Regular public transport to Bucharest surrounding:
-    provides a big number of  public transportation routes between Bucharest and surrounding
-    trips are made daily, from Monday to Sunday, with vans, minibuses, buses, on schedule
-    these are the quickest and safest trips

Occasional public transport through national routes:
- touristy routes, with Romanian or foreign tourists, allover Romania, based on orders from public institutions, private societies, foundations, sportive clubs, travel agencies, persons, etc.

Occasional public transport through international routes:
-  Is done based on orders from travel agencies or on demands of organized groups. Among destination they can choose between: Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Swiss, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, etc.
-  Only full options buses are used, ensuring passengers total comfort (AC, heating system, multi monitor DVD, tow rows speakers sound system, mini-kitchen, mini-fridge, chemical toilet, luggage compartment, etc. )

Taxi transport:
-   these services are provided based on execution licenses for routes granted by Romanian Land Traffic Authority and on authorization provided by General Council of Bucharest
-   taxi transport comes on: direct requests from clients, phone requests through Dispatcher (021-9441), or based on contracts like Marriot Hotel where most of Ford Mondeo cars are, like Roto Romania companies, Johnson & Johnson, La Mama Restaurants, etc.

Adjacent activities to land transport – bus stations
     According to Romanian legislation, regular public transport can’t be done without bus stations as a departure point or as intermediate stops.
    Bus stations - departure / arrival point in different directions, on different routes. Works based on adjacent activities to land transport license - activities deployed by bus station, released by Transport Ministry through Romanian Land Traffic Authority.

      Our company holds licenses for adjacent activities for land transport - activities deployed by bus station, for two bus stations:
-    Giulesti bus station (Bucharest) Series: C.A. no. 0000212
-    13 Septembrie bus station (Bucharest) Series: C.A. no. 0001753

Recently a modern bus station is in development in Oltenita town.
The bus stations are in accordance to legislative requirements, having:
-    ticket and commutation office
-    movement bureau and information bureau
-    minimum two persons for buses witch arrive / leave from / into trips
-    WC with minimum two cabins
-    waiting room for travelers with at least 20 seats and 1 square meter for each seat
-    special space for depositing people luggage, each one with two shelves
-    digital information display for clients on each platform